1-World-newest-coverOne District, One Book™ is a program designed to create a shared reading experience across an entire school community. It is somewhat like a district wide book club. We have selected the book The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney. , Each student will be given a copy, and every family reads that book together at home each night. Every family in our school community is reading this same book at the same time. Students experience the story with their family and enjoy participating in the follow-up activities at school the next day. This strategy builds daily awareness of the details of the story and encourages deep, attentive, and personally gratifying listening habits. When our schools model the habit of regularly reading together as a family, we create a strong foundation for literacy in each child’s life.

When will this happen? In October, each student in grades K to 5 will bring home a book for your family to read together. The book will be yours to keep. By following the calendar, students and families will be reading this book together at home. Each chapter should only take about 15 minutes to read. Activities will be done in the classroom that go along with the readings each night.

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