AEC Procedures

General hours at the AEC are 3:00-5:30 PM Monday through Thursday. Most classes are available for 45 minutes blocks during this time. Additional courses are available during the day. Check the schedule for class offerings.

The structure of the AEC program is evolving. In the world of online education, we are providing students with online options to complete courses needed for graduation. We have transitioned to a new and better online curriculum, Edgenuity. Through this program, students will be able to complete courses in a much more independent format. We are also transitioning away from the “packet” system. Research shows that student achievement is not easily acquired through a packet system. Google Classroom will be introduced as a much better option for credit attainment.

There are two options available for students that attend the AEC; an online program, Edgenuity, and Google Classroom, which is a blended learning format of online resources and written work. For all courses, students that successfully complete the equivalent of 60 credit hours for a course will earn a half credit; 120 hours for a full credit. In an Independent Study program, Minnesota Department of Education requires that 20% of the course is completed onsite with a licensed teacher. MDE also requires that each student completes a Continuous Learning Plan that is reviewed annually.


Edgenuity is an online independent study program. Internet access is required for this program. Computer labs are available at the AEC if there is not access outside of school. Students are required to complete all coursework online for a class. The majority of this can be done outside of school, but at least 20% needs to be completed at the AEC setting. Students have the flexibility of the hours that is convenient for them to use the onsite computers in the classrooms. For every half of credit earned a student must complete 10 hours of onsite lab time where teachers are available for assistance. Credit is not recorded until the required lab time and coursework is completed. Students are able to use our classrooms for computer lab sessions Monday-Thursday 1:00-5:30.

Google Classroom

Students selecting the Google Classroom option are required to meet in a small group setting with the teacher for a minimum of 45 minutes per week. Students have the flexability to select a 45 minute session each week. All coursework is available on the Google site or can be printed if internet access is not available. Ten sessions with the classroom teacher is required to earn a half credit. Credit is assigned when course work is completed and the onsite hours are earned. Students can attend sessions as many times during the week as they want to complete the hours, but the 10 hour minimum must be met as well as completion of all coursework before they are awarded credit. Teachers may require weekly quizzes or summaries during the onsite sessions.

  • Students must have access to the internet. If access is not available at home, the public library or the computer lab at the AEC are available.
  • Students must attend a 45 minute onsite session for each course at the AEC.
  • During the sessions, teachers will meet with students to review progress, take tests, and answer questions.
  • Teachers will provide students with weekly expectations of work to be completed outside the lab time.
  • Students will receive credit upon completion of the course and the onsite 10 hour requirement.

All students must attend an orientation to discuss policies/procedures and complete intake paperwork. Orientation sessions are scheduled every Thursday at 4:00-5:00. Parents/guardians are asked to attend orientation when appropriate. Parent/guardian signature is required for some documents.

Students will be required to sign the ISD 31 Internet Acceptable Use Form, Student Continuous Learning Plan, and an AEC Student Contract.