Breakfast of Champions


National Girls & Women in Sports Day

In just 37 words, Title IX ensures that students receive educational opportunities free from discrimination based on sex. It’s a short and simple law, but it has truly changed the game for girls and women in sports.  Title IX has expanded opportunities for female athletes.

On January 31st seventh and eighth grade girls who participate in sports at BMS were invited to a breakfast of scrambled eggs, muffins and sausage. Prior to the breakfast an essay contest was held with the topic “What do sports mean to you?” to help emphasize “National Women and Girls in Sports Day.”  Girls in 7th and 8th grade who participate in sports were eligible to enter the contest. First place was awarded a jacket from Skeeter Stitch, second place was given a $20.00 gift card to Giovanni’s Pizza and the third place winner was given a $20.00 gift card to Target.  Members of the BSU NCAA playoff winning women’s soccer team and the BHS state winning women’s soccer team came for the breakfast and spoke to our students about what it takes to win at that level of play.