Just before the end of the day we recognized all students who have read 500,000 words or more.  The students were treated to a doughnut and there were random drawings for prizes. Mrs. Vaughn talked to the students about reading being a life-long activity, one that helps you continue to learn. The top girl and boy readers from each pod received a book of their choice from the Book Fair.  Two readers, one in 6th grade and one in 8th grade have each read 3.7 million words this school year!

BMS students have read  275,854,475 words! (yes, that’s 275.8 MILLION words!)  The goal for our media center this year is to have students check out 28,000 books, we have just passed the halfway mark in the school year and currently have had 14,101 books checked out, so KEEP ON READING!