Author and artist Jamie Lee visited 6th grade students this week at BMS. She is the author of the book, Washaka the Bear Dreamer. A Lakota Story based on Leon Hale’s dream. In this story, a young Lakota boy dreams of a white bear that is tied to a tree and bleeding at the neck.  His grandfather tells him he must watch for the bear–or something like it.  When Little Chief find a white boy tied to a tree, he knows this is his “Mato Ska.”  Her presentation is 2 hours long with each group. One hour discussion about her book and the writing process and one hour story-starter where students start writing their own story. The students were excited to meet her, ask her questions about the book, and start writing. It was a great day of listening, learning and writing.

Jamie is also an artist, she creates visual artwork with pebbles. She is also known for her bead people. She resides near Cass Lake in a straw bale house that she and her husband built.  If you would like more information on Jamie Lee her web site is:

This activity is funded through a Region 2 Arts Grant.