It was Kindness Week February 26-March 2.  This is a project co-led by the BMS Student Council and BMS Peer Leaders.  Several students were designated as “secret spotters” who caught other students being kind and wrote down the “kindness” and turned them into the office. At the end of each day all of the students that were caught being kind received a sign on their locker that said “2018 Kindness SuperHero!”  Ten names were drawn each day from the names turned in, at the end of the day those students were announced over the intercom and each of them students received a prize.  Each day during the week we had a theme for the day, Monday was color day with each grade level and staff wearing a particular color, Tuesday was a day to get together with a friend and dress like twins, Wednesday we all wore Lumberjack Spiritwear, Thursday was SUPERHERO day, Friday was Pajama day.  Take a look at the video slideshow to see how students and staff had fun during the week.

The Positive Peer Response (PPR) – Anti Bullying lesson taught on Wednesday focused on kindness. After the lesson, students were asked to write a thank you note to someone at school who has made an impact on their life.  

During Kindness Week we have also been raising money for the Evergreen Youth Food bank. Sanford Health will match up to $545.00.  As an incentive to raise money, Ms. Vaughn, Mr. Hesch and Mr. Zachman volunteered to be taped to the wall. With each piece of tape put on, the student will either thank them or give them a compliment. The pod in each grade level  that raised the most money over $75, will  tape these staff to the wall on Wednesday, March 7th.