Eighth grade students in Mrs. Black’s science classes are learning about oceans. Part of their unit is to learn about various resources oceans provide. We get many different foods from oceans, so Mrs. Black held a “Taste Testing Lab” of some of those foods. Students tasted, shrimp chips, clams, seaweed chips and crackers with several flavorings, octopus tentacles, kippered (smoked) herring fillets, green “smoothy” juice that contains spirulina, commonly known as blue-green algae, sushi, caviar, squid jerky and lastly…ice cream! Ice cream contains carageenan which is seaweed that has been dried and pulverized into powder then used as a thickening agent. You’ll see in thephotos below that the students are lining up to choose brightly colored ice cream cones for their ice crean. The bright colors come from the colorful shells of various sea creatures! It was quite a learning experience for the students as many of them had never tasted some of these foods.