This year students at Bemidji Middle School are breaking reading records!  They have checked out more books than ever before, read more words than ever before and more student than ever before have read at least 500,000 words this year!  Students checked out 25,493 books from our media center and took 13,136 book quizzes using the Accelerated Reader computer application.

On May 24th sixth, seventh and eighth grade students were honored for reading at least 500,000 words this school year. Each student was given an ice cream treat. The two boys and two girls with the highest number of words read from each of our nine pods were given a certificate and a small gift bag.  Our staff donated funds to purchase three Kindle Fire eReaders and several $10 Target Gift Cards. Students in each grade level who had read a million words were eligible for the drawing. Each grade level had a drawing for a Kindle and two gift cards.  If students had read two million words their name went in twice, and so on.

For the second year in a row, our top reader was 7th  grader, Kaitlyn D. from Kappa Pod who read 12,745,039 words during the 2018-19 school year. (Last year she read 7,358,543 words.) Way to up your game Kaitlyn!

Combined, BMS students read over 546,829,010 words!!! That’s over 1/2 a BILLION words!

Summer’s here, find a good book and READ!