On Friday afternoon, September 6, 2019, the BMS 7th and 8th grade Peer Leaders and building administrators held a PPR Pep Fest to “rev-up” our 6th graders about our building’s long standing anti-bullying curriculum called PPR (Positive Peer Relations). Peer leaders performed several situational skits on how to handle bullying at school. To really “Rev-up” the 6th graders we welcomed two members of the Iron Order Motor Cycle club on their Harley Davidson motorcycles. A HS football player came and spoke about his time at BMS and encouraged students to try new things and get involved. We finished the Pep Fest by having two teachers from each 6th grade pod compete in a relay in which they had to empty a box of tissues with one hand while the other teacher threw them away. Remember, It’s COOL to be KIND! Click on the link below to watch a slide show of the event.