Eighth Grade Science classes are having several local scientists visit this week, Zach Gutknecht, Clean Water Specialist with the Beltrami County Soil and Water Conservation District along with Dr. Katie Peterson, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Bemidji State University were in Phi Pod leading students through a water filtration lab. Groups of students were given small quantities of sand, cotton balls, wood chips, cheese cloth, steel wool, and pea rock. Each group designed a water filtration system on paper and presented their design to the class, then they built their filter in a funnel and were given dirty water from street run off to filter through their system. After all the groups had filtered their water, Mr. Sneide, Science teacher, and Dr. Peterson decided which group had the clearest and cleanest water. Zach talked with the students about local applications of filtering runoff and the different ways plants and certain metals are used to draw out phosphates before rain water run off gets into our lakes and streams. It was thought provoking for students to realize that scientists are at work in our local community.

Zach Gutknect, Clean Water Specialist with Beltrami County SWCD