Denise Black, 8th grade Zeta Pod Science Teacher came dressed for the part today as she demonstrated the magic and science of liquid nitrogen.  She taught students that nitrogen is very abundant in the air we breathe and that it boils at -320 degrees F.    Under pressure, liquid nitrogen will blow the lid off a potato chip cylinder in a few seconds and will cause the air inside an inflated balloon to compress and make the balloon look deflated and feel crispy.  Liquid nitrogen freezes a flower in under a minute with the petals looking perfect, but if you smash the flower on a table it shatters to bits.  Mrs. Black showed some culinary uses for liquid nitrogen including freezing marshmallows, graham crackers, cheetos and lastly making ice cream.  When these are eaten, vaporized nitrogen appears from your mouth like smoke! Thanks, Mrs. Black, for showing us some magic today!