The students in Family and Consumer Sciences and Foods Around the World were assigned the task of learning about May Day and making baskets to give a way. May Day is a tradition for a lot of individuals that has gone by the wayside. The original May Day started in the United Kingdom as a Celtic holiday. Traditionally a basket was made for someone you cared for. The basket was left on a doorstep anonymously. Tradition states that if you were caught you received a kiss or hug. Later the holiday was identified as international workers day. 

As a child I remember making May Baskets for friends in school and sharing them. I thought it fitting during this time to bring a little surprise joy. Students were asked to create a basket and give it to someone they cared about. Recipients ranged from siblings, parents, neighbors, grandparents to friends. Each student responded to me by stating the people they gave them to were surprised, happy and excited. The students responded with such statements as

 “I felt like Santa Claus,” 

“It made me feel very good to give something to my grandma because she is always buying me stuff.”

“I felt great because they are such awesome neighbors and they deserve a lot of kindness.”

“It made me feel good, and makes me want to do more presents for her more often.”

“it felt good because i have never actually done may day baskets before”

“I am excited to give it to them!!”

“It made me happy because she fondly remembers making them with her family for her grandparents.”

“Thank you! Another thanks for introducing that holiday. In my eyes it’s so important to tell the people we care about that we care about them!”