Owen Augustine plays the French horn in 7th Grade Band.  He chose the French horn because he wanted to try something different after starting on trumpet in 6th grade.  He loves the sound of the instrument and how easy it is to finger the notes.  What Owen enjoys most about being in band is all of the different instruments and kids and being able to make music with them.  He also loves the variety of music he is able to play.  Owen’s future goals in band include becoming an amazing French Horn player and being able to play any music that is handed to him.  The years ahead are something to be explored and Owen hopes he will enjoy every second.


Brooke Kemp sings Alto in the 8th Grade Choir.  Brooke’s favorite thing about choir is the feeling of being a part of a family and having supportive people around her whenever she walks into choir.  She also loves to sing and experiment with her voice, and choir allows her to do that.  Brooke’s future goals for choir are to continue being involved until she graduates high school and continue to study music after high school as a profession or just for fun.


Annabell Durant-Belcourt plays Viola in the 6th Grade Orchestra.  Annabell’s favorite type of music to play is fun and suspenseful.  What she really enjoys about music/orchestra is the sound of a group playing together when they are all in tune, playing at the same speed, at the same time. The sound it makes is unforgettable!  Annabell’s future goals for music are to be able to look at a piece of music and play it without hesitation.  Annabell was chosen by her teacher for her fantastic attitude, hard work, and great communication skills.