Using the districts new behavior mode, Responsive Classroom, students participate in group brainstorming activities to come up with a set of class rules.  This activity allows children to take ownership of their rules and helps to create a community within their class.  Mrs. Anderson’s class read the book, “No David”, by David Shannon before coming up with a LONG list of things they SHOULD NOT do at school.  They later decided that the three rules: I can take care of myself, I can take care of others, and I can take care of my school, would be easier to remember!

The “hopes and dreams” activity encourages students to choose something they would like to accomplish during the school year and throughout the lesson they learn how following their classroom rules will help them meet this goal.  Mrs. Anderson’s class read the book, “The Crayon Box That Talked”, by Shane DeRolf and talked about how everyone in the class is different yet they need to work together as a team.  They each created their own crayon to hang on the wall.  What a wonderfully unique “pack” of kindergarteners!