Bullying Anonymous Reporting Form

If you have information regarding bullying and would like to report this information anonymously, please fill out the following form to the best of your knowledge. Please note that this form is completely anonymous. (For the purpose of this form, bullying encompasses bullying, harassment, and discrimination.)

    Select the location where the incident(s) occurred (required):

    Please write down the date(s) that the incident occurred or is occurring? (required):

    Please describe in as much detail as possible exactly what is happening (threats, bullying, harassment, and discrimination). Please include names of individuals involved, dates, times, social media sites, etc.:

    Please list any witnesses and the relationship this/these person(s) has/have with the person that is being bullied, threatened or harassed:

    Please list any evidence of bullying. Use the option below to attach any files you may have.

    Please attach any supporting files. File size limit is 2mb per file. Note: If you choose the wrong file, just click on the "Choose File" button next to that file then click "Cancel" on the next screen that appears.