Bemidji School Social Work Contacts

School Social Workers are the link between home, school, and community. As members of the educational team, School Social Workers promote and support students’ academic and social success by providing specialized services.

We developed our own Virtual Calming Room in the Spring of 2020 that has resources for all ages.  Please check it out here-  Virtual Calming Room

Please reach out to any of us with your questions or concerns:

Jenny Kelly, LSW
Elementary School Social Worker – Early Childhood, Northern, Horace May, Solway
(218) 333-3115 (ext. 37208) or (218) 368-7646 (cell)

Alea Stoll, LSW
J.W. Smith Elementary School Social Worker
(218) 333-3290 (ext. 43238)

Angie Lauderbaugh, LICSW
Lincoln Elementary School Social Worker
(218) 333-3250 (ext. 44242)

Lindsey Olding, LSW
School Social Worker/Homeless Liaison (K-12)
(218) 333-3215 (ext. 55151) or (218) 368-1059 (cell)

Amy Merschman, LSW
Gene Dillon Elementary Social Worker
(218) 333-3400 (ext. 49408) or (218) 368-6713 (cell)

Pauline Winge, LSW, M.S.Ed.
Middle School Social Worker
(218) 333-3215 (ext. 58181)

Paula Lind, LGSW
Bemidji High School Social Worker
(218) 444-1600 (ext. 63310)

Vanessa Wananu, MSW, LICSW
High School Social Worker- Alternative Education Programs
Lumberjack High School, Alternative Education Center & Lakeside Learning Center
(218) 444-1600 (ext. 61266) or (218) 407-4355 (cell)

Community Resource Connections is a local resource for families in our area.  Check out the following link…