School Social Workers are the link between home, school, and community. As members of the educational team, School Social Workers promote and support students’ academic and social success by providing specialized services.

Social Work Support Contacts

Angela Lauderbaugh, LSW
Elementary School Social Worker – Pre-K – Grade 3
(218) 333-3100 ext. 37208 or (218) 368-7646 (cell)

Alea Stoll, LSW
School Social Worker/Homeless Liaison
(218) 333-3215 ext. 55151 or (218) 368-1059 (cell)

Paula Lind, LGSW
Bemidji High School Social Worker
(218) 444-1600 (ext. 63310)

Amy Merschman, LSW
Gene Dillon Elementary Social Worker
(218) 333-3400 (ext. 49408)

Pauline Winge, LSW, M.S.Ed.
Middle School Social Worker
(218) 333-3215 (ext. 58181)

What is an In-School Therapist?

Professional services are delivered by licensed therapists who are employed by Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center,  North Homes, Inc. and Stellher Human Services.  These services have been instrumental in providing therapy and support to children and adolescents. These services have been available at most schools in the District.

In-School Therapist Support Contacts

Jami Bobby, MS, LAMFT

Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center

Horace May and Lincoln Therapist

Dane Fufaro, MA, LPCC

Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center

Northern, Lincoln and Solway Therapist

Anna Chock, M.ed., LPC, NCC

Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center

J.W. Smith and Central Therapist

Jessica Kay, MS, NCC, CCMHC

Stellher Human Services

Lincoln Elementary Therapist

Jonathan Freidt, MA, LAMFT

North Homes, Inc.

Middle School Therapist

(218) 333-3215 ext. 57011

Shawn Whiting, MA, LPCC

Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center

Central Elementary and High School Therapist

Susan Kramer

North Homes, Inc.

High School Therapist

(218) 444-1600 ext. 63313

Hannah Wilson

North Homes, Inc.

High School Therapist