For 40 years this individual has held the keys to Bemidji Schools, that person is this month’s Employee District Spotlight, the Secretary of the Superintendent, Carol Peterson!

Current Superintendent Tim Lutz had this to say, “Carol has an unparalleled and extremely valuable knowledge of just about every aspect of our school district. There is no question I have ever asked her that she has been unable to answer. If something were to happen to me, (which almost did in August), there is no doubt in my mind that Carol could run the District!”

Former Superintendent James Hess also expressed gratitude for his opportunity to have worked with such a remarkable individual: “Carol is amazing. She is the most outstanding administrative assistant I have ever known in my many years of school leadership.”

Let’s get to know Carol Peterson.

Carol is married, she and her husband have two married sons and one grandson. A former Bemidji High School Lumberjack herself, she and her husband enjoy attending BHS and BSU sporting events. Carol’s hobbies include: reading (last year she read 40 books!!!!), embroidery and cross stitch, and she tries to walk at least four miles each day. In the summer she spends a lot of time outdoors tending to her flowers.

Carol began her career in Bemidji Area Schools 40 years ago last January. She started as a secretary for the Director of Elementary Education (Jerry Abbott), the Director of Secondary Education (Earl Gangeness) and the Director of Special Education (Jon Huttemier). In 2000, she started working in the superintendent’s office (while still working for the Director of Special Education) for Dr. Rollie Morud.

During Carol’s tenure in the district office she has trained six superintendents: Dr. Clint Barter, Dr. Phil Bain, Wayne Haugen, Dr. Rollie Morud, Dr. Jim Hess, and Tim Lutz; as well as five Special Education Directors: Jon Huttemier, Bob Vaadeland, Tricia Denzer, Stephanie Hubbard, and Lexie Wilde.

Prior to her 40 years of service as a secretary, Carol worked as a student intern during high school, tutoring at BHS during 4th hour of her sophomore through senior years.

Thank you, Carol Peterson for everything you have done and continue to do for Bemidji Schools! You are truly an exceptional individual that Bemidji Schools, our staff, students, families and community are blessed to have!

District #31 employees, our April District Spotlight, Carol Peterson!