Students in Mr. Tower’s Alpha Science class have become the subjects of a research study by BSU.  The students participated in a research study called “Engaging 6th Grade Citizen Scientists: Measuring Phosphate Levels in Surface Water.”  This study was conducted by Dr. Katie Peterson, a Chemistry Professor at BSU.  Students did some initial research about the effects of phosphates in our local lakes.  Each group of students looked at and measured the phosphate level in four water samples.  They used special equipment like micro pipettes and spectrometers to help them measure and read the phosphate levels in their samples.  One goal of this research project is to see if students have a greater appreciation for our local waters when they understand how some natural elements can be damaging to our lakes if there is too much.  Higher levels of phosphates in our lakes comes from things like lawn fertilizers and can then create too much vegetation growth and eventually will kill wildlife in small lakes or ponds.