Bemidji Area Schools is very grateful to all of the local community members who have shown support for the school district after the operating referendum did not pass.  This grass roots movement tells a story of support and appreciation for Bemidji Area Schools and for the challenging, but meaningful work all educators do every day of the school year.  Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the work of dedicated, caring educators is more important than ever. 

If you believe your education was valuable to you, and if you recognize the importance of educating our children so that our community remains vital and strong, you can send a check to the school district office at: 

Bemidji Area Schools
502 Minnesota Ave NW
Bemidji MN 56601

A Big THANK YOU to these Grass Roots Supporters!

We appreciate the support of those who want to see Bemidji Schools succeed.  So far we have received checks and pledges for nearly $3,000.00 from about 30 individuals, and more support is coming in every day.

Here are some comments from these generous supporters:

My kids don’t attend district schools, but we live in this community. When a first responder comes to my home, most likely, they attended Bemidji schools. When an electrician comes to my home, most likely, they attended Bemidji schools. The nurse taking care of my children most likely attended Bemidji schools. When I cast a vote for a local candidate, most likely, they attended Bemidji schools.

Don’t I want them to be the best? Don’t I want them to have a foundation in knowledge, mastery of their skill, compassion, courage, and grit? Do I want them to be literate? Do I want them to be able to problem solve and think critically?

Our teachers are working so incredibly hard right now to build a future with community members we can count on. It’s crucial, tedious, careful, and often unappreciated work.

Here is what I am going to do- I am going to write the district a check. This is what the district estimated would be the average cost to households, had the referendum passed, and send it to the district office. I want the district to know that I stand with them. Please feel free to join me! 
~Adriene Eichman

…Though none of my kids went to school in Bemidji …, I want the best for the district, our students, teachers, and all support personnel.  They are our future and deserve the best.  Enclosed is a check for $500.00, which I think may be about twice what my tax increase would have been had the referendum passed.  Perhaps it will cover for us and for a neighbor…  Thank you for all you do for our youth and our future.  I wish you the very best as you negotiated difficult financial times. 
~Robert Z.

Thanks to all the dedicated staff at ISD 31 who are working so hard for the well-being of our kids! 
~Dan & Barb H.

I am sending $45.00 for my YES vote on the referendum that failed.  I am sending another $45.00 to counter a person who may have voted “no”.  Keep it up, Mr. Lutz, school board, educators, and all school staff. 
~Lois J

Here is a donation to the school district because the referendum did not pass.  I had voted for it, and I am disappointed it failed. 
~Leola H.