Students at BMS recently had Ed Rousseau visit their physical education classes and take part in some snowshoeing as well.  Ed Rousseau lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and at the age of 78 is a very accomplished runner who looks forward to running many more miles. His motto is: “If I don’t take care of my body, what am I going to live in?”

His first marathon was the first Twin Cities Marathon in 1982.  His fastest marathon was 2 Hours 57 Minutes in 1984 at age 45. He’s run 104 Marathons, some on snowshoes, and 112 Ultra marathons. Ed’s medalled in 32 of the USA National Championships in the Marathon, 100K, 100 Mile, 24 Hour, 48 Hour and 6-Day Races and Snowshoe events, 22 times a National Masters Champion.