It is vitally important that teachers find an intervention for a student that will close his/her learning gaps and ensure success.  Therefore, teachers much closely monitor the effects an intervention has on a student’s progress.  Goals will be set for each student based on the benchmark targets provided by MAP Growth.  Teachers will also discuss the probable length of the intervention.  Criteria for successful completion of the intervention are established.  Depending on the student’s need and the kind of intervention he or she is being provided, teachers will administer progress monitoring probes either weekly or twice a month.  By discussing the student’s progress and performance on monitoring probes at least monthly, teachers in RtI teams can determine if an intervention is effective.  If the intervention shows promise, it is continued.  If not, the intervention plan is revised.  If a student meets the exit criteria established, the intervention is terminated.  Parents are updated regularly on their children’s progress and any changes in the intervention plan.  To find out intervention exit criteria and the progress monitoring probes used to measure intervention effectiveness, please consult the chart in the link below: