Inclement Weather/Emergency E-Learning Day Plan

The first two inclement weather/emergency days in the Bemidji Area Schools are considered non-attendance days for students. In the event that Bemidji Area Schools have more than 2 inclement weather/emergency days, students will follow the E-Learning plan below. For a detailed roles, and responsibilities plan click here.


Students will work on activities linked in the table below. Paper copies of K-3 choice boards will be distributed at the beginning of the year. Teachers will be available for a supplemental 30 minute Google Meet session at 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, and 1:30 PM on the Google Meet link provided by your child’s teacher. Teacher’s will also be available by email or their preferred communication method throughout the day to answer student questions. Teachers will communicate meeting times with additional teachers as needed.

Pre KGrade KGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3
Choice BoardChoice BoardChoice BoardChoice BoardChoice Board


Students will attend the Google Meet link from their Google Classroom according to the schedules below:
Attend the following classes online
Morning Meeting: 30 minutes
Language Arts: 30 minutes
Math: 30 minutes
Specialists: 15 minutes
Attend each class period for a minimum of 15 minutes according to the school scheduleAttend each class period for a minimum of 22 minutes according to the school schedule
Schedule online at:
GDE Schedule
Schedule online at:
BMS Schedule
Schedule online at: