Northern Elementary Timberwolves 2012
Wendy Templin, Principal

Northern Elementary School is located over the bridge on State Highway 71. Historically, the original school building began in 1946 with just over 2,000 square feet of space. Over time, four building additions were added from 1958‐1992 to improve the school as it stands today. Northern students not only benefit from a well‐maintained school building, but an excellent outdoor environment as the school is surrounded by Bemidji’s beautiful lake region. As our mascot the Timberwolves will reveal, we are a school community built on loyalty, commitment, and family. We Howl for friendship as hard working, optimistic, wonderful learners.

Northern Elementary serves students in 1st‐5th grade. Presently, we are a foursection school encompassing 520 students. We have 20 core classroom teachers, four special educators, four reading specialists, along with art, music, media, and technology specialists. We also support the needs of our students with many dedicated paraprofessionals. Northern students are immersed in a highly comprehensive, activity‐based curriculum. We address our curriculum through Journeys reading, Accelerated Reading, Everyday Math, Fusions Science, and numerous other support systems. Aimsweb assessment tools are used to address reading and math needs throughout the year. AmeriCorps offers Reading Corp tutors for individual reading instruction. Northern Elementary is proud of our tradition of educational excellence.