Barracuda Spam Firewall

Our mail system is filtered by the Barracuda Spam Firewall.   This firewall is designed to analyze incoming mail for spam, viruses and other problematic messages.   This filter will do one of three things; Block a message, Allow a message, or Quarantine a message.

The Barracuda creates a Quarantine box for every user.   You should occasionally get a message from the Barracuda firewall with a list of messages that were placed in your quarantine box.  This is simply for your convenience to allow you the option of delivering any messages that were erroneously placed in quarantine.  There should be a link at the bottom of the email you get from the Barracuda firewall.  Clicking this link takes you to your quarantine box where you can “Deliver” or “Whitelist” any messages that you want the system to send you.  By clicking on the Whitelist link you are telling the system that you want email from that sender always delivered to your mailbox, regardless of whether or not it receives a high enough spam score to place it in quarantine.   Note:  The Barracuda appliance handles message retention on its own.  Users do not need to delete messages in their quarantine box.  The system will delete these messages after a certain number of days (currently 30).

Users can log in to their quarantine box at any time.   Simply go to and type your FULL email address into the Username field, then click the “Create New Password” button.  You should receive an email from the Barracuda with your password.  Go back to the link above and enter your full email address and the password you received from the Barracuda to log in.