Zoey Schrage is the fine art student of the month in Art. Zoey is in 8th grade and her favorite thing to make in art class is junk art. She enjoys making things with her hands that she can give to her family and know that she made and she creates art so she can give her creations as gifts to family and friends. Zoey thinks it’s important to keep creating because without art, we wouldn’t have historic landmarks for the future.


6th grader Kira Nolting is December’s Fine Arts Student of the Month for choir. Kira decided to join choir because she enjoys singing and has been singing since she was 6 years old. In choir, Kira loves that she gets to meet new people and make new friends. His future goals in choir include singing in the high school choir, and to participate in the high school show choir. In addition to singing, Kira also enjoys playing her guitar at home. She is also a member of the middle school show choir.


6th grade violinist Emma Erickson is December’s fine arts student of the month for orchestra. Emma especially enjoys playing Christmas music, but is still exploring and learning about all the different types of music. So far, she has liked all of the music that she has come into contact with. What Emma enjoys most about music/orchestra is playing songs for recitals at Headwaters and her teachers, Ms. Julia and Ms. Grinden. In the future, Emma would like to be able to play like Lindsey Stirling (play her violin while dancing), but until then her short term goal is to put on a really good performance for her family at Christmas. Great job Emma!


6th grader Tanner Zothman is the fine arts student of the month for Art Workshop. Tanner’s favorite things to make are model sized cars and trucks. Tanner says making things by hand is important because we need to know how to do things. The thing he likes most about making things is when he finishes something that was handcrafted. He likes to create because he likes to see what might happen.