The band student of the month is 7th grader Tristan Jacobson.  Tristan has been playing the trombone since April of last year and took private lessons over the summer.  He chose this instrument because one of his friends wanted to play it also.  Tristan also plays in jazz band and wants to continue to improve as a musician.


The choir student of the month is 8th grader Samuel Urban. Sam decided to join the choir because it is a lot of fun to sing! Sam enjoys choir because we laugh a lot. In the future, Sam would like to continue to learn how to play the trumpet, guitar, piano, and practice singing. Along with performing music, Sam also enjoys listening to music.


The visual arts student of the month is 8th Grader Duane Strong. Duane is in 3D art class this year. Duane likes working with cardboard, popsicle sticks, and hot glue for his sculptures, and says that he likes to build things completely from scratch. Duane likes making art, just because it’s fun! 


The orchestra student of the month is 8th grade cello player Dalton Barry.  Dalton’s favorite type of music to play is classical music- Prelude (by Bach), Bourree (by Squire), and Sonata (by Roberg). Currently she’s playing Allegro for two cellos by Vivaldi.  Dalton says “I enjoy playing music because it can be calming and it is also very beautiful to listen to. Making music is one way I express myself. It can be very fun and challenging, but it is just the best when you get to play a finished song you have been working on.”  One of Dalton’s musical goals is to learn all of the songs for the next symphony concert in December. She would also like to improve with her timing and sight reading skills.