The Band Student of the Month is 7th grade trombonist, Jack Galloway. What Jack most enjoys about band is playing music with his friends. He says being in band is also great because it helps him focus. Jack really enjoys playing challenging music and learning new pieces.  Jack chose the trombone because he thought it was an interesting instrument and his dad played it when he was in school.  Jack’s future plan for band is continuing to play first trombone and trying his best.  He also wants to participate in high school Jazz Band and visit new places playing his instrument. 


The Choir Student of the Month is 8th grader Katie Gunderson. Katie decided to be in choir because she really likes singing and music in general. What Katie enjoys most about being in choir is how the vocal parts fit together to make really nice harmonies and a pretty sound. Katie hopes to continue singing and playing music for as long as possible. Along with singing, Katie also plays piano, violin, and participates in show choir. 


The Visual Art Artist of the Month is Cecelia Gale in 8th grade. Cecelia likes to create art with pens, pencil, acrylic paint, paper for origami, and colored pencils. Cecelia says that in order for something to be considered art, it would depend on your definition, but she sees art as theft, because you are stealing ideas from pieces in the past and making new art for yourself. She adds that you should change it some and not plagiarize, because that’s bad. The thing she enjoys the most about making art is showing her art to other people, and the milestones she reaches every time she practices. Cecelia says that she makes art because she wants to see her imagination brought to life. She also mentions that she only wants money if she needs it, and doesn’t want a career that causes the things she loves to turn into work and labor that she dreads. 


Nia Berg is the Orchestra Fine Arts Student of the Month.  Nia plays violin in the 6th grade orchestra.  She loves to play pretty much any type of music on her instrument.  What Nia enjoys the most about music is the challenge and learning new things.  Her goal for the future is to be able to play in third position.  Nia was chosen for her drive to excel at her instrument and even push herself to learn more advanced techniques.  Ms. Grinden is very impressed with what she has accomplished since starting in September!  Way to go Nia!!