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Bemidji Continuing Education Committee:


Jason Luksik Administrator, Lincoln
Lisa Newhouse Teacher, Jack & Jill
Amy Skala Teacher, Middle School
Kari Erickson Teacher, First City School
Kristie O’Beirne Teacher, High School
Miriam White Community Representative
Crystal Bundermann Teacher, Horace May

SUBJECT : Requirements for Renewal of Professional Licenses

This memo summarizes the procedures for submitting continuing education forms. This information can also be found at select District, Human Resources, Continuing Education Requirements or Staff, Staff Resources, Licensure: Continuing Education Requirements.

1. Human Resources Specialist, Jody DeVries, (218-333-3100) ext. 31111 is the records secretary.

2. Use the Final Approval and Documentation Form Revised 1/5/2021. Forms are available from the school secretaries and Human Resources.

3. The Bemidji Continuing Education Committee will meet on September 28, 2023, October 26, 2023, November 16, 2023, December 14, 2023, January 25, 2024, February 22, 2024, March 28, 2024, April 25, 2024, and May 23, 2024.

4. The local committee shall not grant clock hours for experiences that are primarily for personal rather than professional improvement or for experiences that duplicate other granted clock hour experiences without new or enhanced professional development value.

5. Complete the Final Approval and Documentation Forms as thoroughly as possible: describe the experience and how it enhances professional improvement, identify it by letter category, attach a transcript/proof of attendance or secure your principal’s signature.

6. Turn in all requests for renewal clock hours to Human Resources, preferably within one year after the completion of the education experience.

7. Teachers may apply for their next five-year (Tier 4) license or three-year (Tier 3) after January 1 each year.

8. Within a five-year period, 125 approved clock hours or within a three-year period, 75 approved clock hours are required for relicensure including at least one hour in each of these areas:
a. Positive behavioral intervention strategies
b. Reading preparation
c. Accommodations, modifications and adaptation of curriculum, etc.
d. Key warning signs mental illness
e. Suicide Prevention Training

f. English Language Learners
g. Cultural Competency (must complete a minimum of 5 hours)
h. American Indian History & Culture
If a teacher is licensed in one or more areas, clock hours are not required for each license area.

9. Clock hours must be earned in two or more categories as listed below.

Experience Categories
A. Relevant coursework at accredited colleges—after June 2000, 24 clock hours for each semester credit

B. Educational workshops, conferences, seminars

C. Staff development activities, inservice meetings

D. Curriculum development

E. Peer coaching and mentorship with colleagues for up to 50 hours in a five year renewal period.

F. Professional service:
(1) clinical experiences: supervision of student teachers 30 hours
                                            supervision of intern teachers 30 hours
                                            supervision of practicum students 30 hours

No more than 30 clock hours may be granted in a five-year period in this category.

G. Leadership experiences: participation on committees, participation in accreditation, publication of professional articles, volunteer work (up to 50 hours in a five-year renewal period or 25 hours in a three-year period can be earned for volunteering and coaching combined can be earned).

H. Diversity experiences: opportunities to enhance knowledge and understanding of diverse educational settings

I. Preapproved travel or work experience (10 clock hours per experience—no more than 30 clock hours may be granted in a five-year relicensure period).

10. Steps for Reviewing CEU and Renewing License Online
a. Go to
b. Select “Online License Renewal System” (you will need your file folder number and serial number)