Developmental Milestones:

At 3 months does your baby …

  • follow movement by turning her head?
  • move arms and legs easily?
  • coo or gurgle?
  • raise her head when lying on her tummy?
  • quiet when a familiar voice is heard?
  • startle at loud noises?
  • enjoy being hugged, soothed, and cuddled?
  • cry when he is hungry or uncomfortable?
  • smile back at people?

At 6 months does your baby …

  • roll over?
  • turn his head in the direction of sounds?
  • reach for and hold objects?
  • coo, babble, squeal, and laugh?
  • love to be touched, cuddled, and held close?

At 9 months does your baby …

  • creep or crawl?
  • know caregivers from strangers?
  • respond to her name?
  • say “Mama” or “Dada”?
  • imitate sounds?
  • stand holding onto a support?
  • hit two objects together?
  • understand common words like “no, bye, all gone, night night”?
  • sit without help?
  • turn pages of a book?

At 12 months does your baby …

  • wave “bye bye’?
  • show affection?
  • say a few words besides “mama” and “dada”?
  • walk with one hand held?
  • show many emotions like happiness, sadness, discomfort, anger?
  • show interest in other children?
  • feed herself with a spoon/fingers/cup?
  • want caregivers to be where he can see them?

At 18 months does your toddler …

  •  try putting on her own shoe?
  • let you know when he wants something?
  • point to things when named?
  • walk without help?
  • speak 10-20 words?
  • show different emotions such as happiness, fear, sympathy, guilt, modesty, embarrassment?
  • bring objects to show you?
  • imitate your behavior?
  • show interest in other children?
  • look at something pointed to from across the room?

At 2 years does your child …

  • jump, run, and climb stairs?
  • sometimes use 2 word sentences?
  • often do the opposite of what’s asked?
  • refer to herself by her own name?
  • learn about rules but not able to remember the rules?
  • try new things and explore new places but want to know you are near by?
  • show affection by returning a hug or kiss?
  • pretend in play?

At 3 years does your child …

  • show an interest in toilet training?
  • talk and usually be understood?
  • use three word sentences?
  • pedal a trike?
  • kick a ball?
  • copy drawing a straight line?
  • name 6 body parts?
  • play briefly with other children?
  • sometimes express feelings with words?
  • think about the feelings of others?
  • use imagiantion to create stories and play activities?
  • pay attention longer?

At 4 years does your child …

  • ask questions?
  • play make believe?
  • dress himself, except for fasteners?
  • put together a 7-12 piece puzzle?
  • climb up and down a slide?
  • match or name some colors?
  • love to retell her favorite stories?
  • have favorite playmates and activities?
  • understand simple home rules?
  • share and take turns but remain possessive of favorite toys?
  • begin to control frustration?
  • start to understand danger?

At 5 years does your child …

  • play organized games?
  • follow three step directions?
  • cut with a scissors?
  • copy familiar shapes?
  • draw a person with 6-8 body parts?
  • catch a bounced ball?
  • count to 10?
  • predict what might happen next in books when you read to him?
  • talk to familiar adults and children?

If your child does not yet display the majority of skills in his or her age group and you are concerned about his or her development, please call the Early Intervention Program at 333-3119 for a developmental screening.