What is Lumberjack High School?
Lumberjack High School is an alternative high school program for students who wish to remain in a traditional, seat-based program and earn credits toward their high school diploma.

Alternatives for Individuals
Individual, continual learning plans (reviewed by students with a teacher-mentor), goals and contracts insure participation and lead to success for all learners. Students have a full range of course selection, including elective courses offered through BHS. LHS classes are 45 minutes in length.


We will…

  •  Encourage good study skills
  • Provide an Advisor/advisee program concentrating on individualized support on credits, attendance and behavior issues.
  • Provide smaller class sizes.
  • Offer flexibility with homework assignments, deadlines, testing and attendance.

Contact Information
For more information or a referral form, contact:
Lumberjack HS: 218-407-0657

Admissions Process
The following admissions process has been adapted for all students considering enrollment in LHS.

Parent/guardian and student will have intake meeting with LHS staff, a CLP/attendance form will be filled out. After meeting student will be activated in LHS and a schedule will be made. Students usually are admitted at the beginning of a term.

 At the meeting:

  •  The Continual Learning Plan is signed 
  • Internet Acceptable Use form is signed and delivered to the BHS Media Center.
  • Schedule of classes is made after activated to LHS. 
  • Attendance policy and discipline expectations are addressed.

 Academic Programs

Current courses are offered in the areas of:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Electives offered through BHS