Once a child is determined eligible for special education services through the evaluation process, an Individualized Evaluation Program (IEP) is developed.  An IEP is a written document that describes an educational program desgned to meet the needs of a child with a disability.  It is developed at an IEP meeting with an IEP team.  The IEP team consists of:  parent (MR 3525.0700), student, Special Education Teacher/IEP manager (MS 3523.0550) general education teacher and an administrator.  In addition to the core group, membership will vary according to student needs.  Other members of the IEP team may include: speech pathologist, occupational therapist, vision teacher, hearing teacher, school nurse, counselor or any other person having knowledge or expertise regarding the child and his/her disabilities

  • An IEP meeting is held one time per year, more often if requested by a parent or teacher.
  • The IEP is written for one year with progress being reported as often as general education progress is reported (4 times/year).
  • The method of progress reporting is determined at the IEP meeting by the IEP team.