2021-22 Solway School Improvement

2023-24 Family Engagement Plan

Schoolwide Title 1 Program

Solway Elementary

School Solway Elementary School is a Schoolwide Title 1 Program. Title 1 is a program that is funded by the federal government. It gives money to schools for the purpose of improving reading and math skills. These funds provide one full-time teacher and one full-time educational assistant for this school.

Title 1 also provides our school with supplies for supplemental instruction, books, computers, and family involvement activities. As a Schoolwide Title 1 Program, all Solway students benefit. One of the goals in the Solway Elementary Schoolwide Improvement Plan is to provide more individualized instruction in flexible, small groups. These groups change throughout the school year as the needs of students change.

Title 1 staff may help students by giving extra instruction in small groups, either within the regular classroom or in a quieter setting outside the regular classroom. Students may also get extra help in the regular classroom if they need help doing their reading and/or math assignments. The Title 1 funded staff also provides assessments and/or screenings.

These are just a few of ways your child benefits from the fact that our school qualifies to be a Schoolwide program. We look forward to working with families to help students be as successful in their education as possible.

If you have any questions about the Title 1 Program, please contact Ashley_Willard at