200-10-1Teacher Negotiated Agreement25 November 2019
200-10-2Teacher Evaluation Policy19 December 2016
200-10-2RTeacher Evaluation Program - Administrative Procedures19 December 2016
200-10-3Workload Limits for Certain Special Education Teachers21 September 2015
200-10-7Administrative Evaluation18 March 2013
200-10-7RAdministrative Evaluation - Administrative Procedures18 July 2011
200-10-8Certified Personnel - Absence and Lesson Plans16 March 2009
200-10-9Certified Personnel - School Day16 March 2009
200-10-11Certified Personnel - Leaving Classroom Unattended15 March 1999
200-10-12Certified Personnel - Noon Duty and/or Building Supervision15 March 1999
200-10-13Certified Personnel - Faculty Meetings15 March 1999
200-10-14Jury Duty or Subpoena of a School District Employee15 April 2024
200-10-15Evaluation: The Superintendent of Schools16 February 1999
200-10-15REvaluation of the Superintendent of Schools - Administrative Procedures19 December 2022
200-10-50Bemidji Principals' Association Negotiated Agreement18 May 2020
200-20-1Minnesota School Employees Association for Secretarial-Clerical and Paraprofessional Employees Negotiated Agreement21 March 2022
200-20-2Nongroup Employees Sick Leave16 March 2009
200-20-3Nongroup Employees Vacation16 March 2009
200-40-1Minnesota School Employees Association for Custodians and Maintenance Personnel4 April 2022
200-50-1Bus Drivers Negotiated Agreement21 March 2022
200-60-1United Food Service Workers Association Negotiated Agreement20 April 2020
200-70-1Employee Discipline16 February 1999
200-70-1REmployee Discipline - Administrative Procedures16 February 1999
200-70-2Drug, Alcohol, and Cannabis Testing15 April 2024
200-70-4Security Keys Policy16 October 2023
200-80-1Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy for Employees15 March 1999
200-90-1Expectations of Privacy26 February 2001
200-90-2Tax Sheltered Annuities Program19 April 1999
200-90-3Gifts to Employees and School Board Members21 September 2015
200-90-4Policy on Political Activity15 March 1999
200-90-5Nepotism15 March 1999
200-90-6Equal Employment Opportunity15 October 2018
200-90-7Civil Rights18 June 2001
200-90-8Conditions of Employment in Homebound and Adult Programs15 April 1986
200-90-9Harassment and Violence15 April 2024
200-90-10Salary Modifications for Employees Participating in Work Stoppages
200-90-11Absence During a Strike or Work Stoppage
200-90-12Other Absence17 July 2000
200-90-13Complaints Against District Employees21 May 2001
200-90-14Personnel Files19 August 1991
200-90-15Miscellaneous Harassment, Violence and Discrimination - Standards of Behavior for Staff and Students18 June 2001
200-90-15RMiscellaneous Harassment, Violence and Discrimination - Standards of Behavior for Staff and Students Administrative Procedures21 September 2005
200-90-16Employment Background Checks17 October 2022
200-90-18Communication Between School District Staff and the Public18 June 2001
200-90-19Family and Medical Leave Policy17 October 2022