In Minnesota, no laws require periodic screening of students in the schools.  District #31 has determined that the health screenings offered to students will be vision and hearing.  These screenings will follow the guidelines recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health.  The primary goal is to identify any difficulties that might impact a child’s ability to learn with early detection and intervention.

The purpose of periodic health screenings are to:

  • Identify children who are not growing and developing normally
  • Refer students with visual or hearing abnormalities that might interfer with their education or growth to health care professional.
  • Encourage parents to take responsibility for their child’s growth, development, and follow up with referrals to health care professionals


District #31 Screening Program is as follows:

  • Students in grades K,1st ,3rd and 5th will have vision and hearing screeningsb in the fall.
  • All new transfer students K-5th grade will be screened shortly after entering school as needed.
  • Middle and High School students will be screened for vision and hearing as needed.
  • 1st grade boys will be screened for color deficiency-also known as “color blindness.”